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Morocco's "Independence Day"


As we celebrate our 4th of July, Morocco is taking its own steps towards independence with new constitutional reform. On July 1, a referendum by King Mohammed VI providing greater authority to the country's prime minister and parliament, stripping the monarch of much of his power, was put into place. Since the king first came to power a decade ago, he has initiated many positive changes, particularly in the areas of women's rights. There is still much room for improvement. The country suffers from a high level of illiteracy, government corruption and economic problems. Illiteracy among women remains at 64%. Morocco's success at democracy can serve as a model for the Arab world as countries like Egypt determine how to self-rule. But women need to be a part of Morocco's development for it to succeed. And the women's rights that have been set forth need to be practiced so that they can actually play a role. That is one of the reasons why, at Kahina Giving Beauty, we believe it is so important to help these women - to learn to read so that they can know their rights, and to be given an opportunity for economic independence so that they can raise a new generation of educated children.
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