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Kahina Giving Beauty Does Valentine's Day: Part Deux


Valentine's Day, brought to you by Mairin

Aaand we're back!

Next up, it's my (Mairin) turn! My romantical night, in a nutshell.

1. Astier de Villatte Candle (in Naples): "This will be burning as I get gussied up and again as I de-gussy, but not in between because that is not fire safe, people. Note: gifted to me by my Valentine's Day date last year- my dear brother."

2. Mast Brothers Chocolate: "I'm giving my mom a GIANT Baker's Bar (Brooklyn Blend). It looks like a book and is already nicely wrapped."

3. Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Serum: "No bags allowed on Valentine's Day."

4. Apizz: "The boyfriend made a reservation at this Italian joint. By the way, the website informs us you say it 'ah-beets' not 'uh-pizz'. That would not be romantic."

5. Fancy Portuguese Hot Sauce: "For said boyfriend. Nothing says I love you like hot sauce. Plus it's a fun/pun-ny food gift that isn't sooo predictable."

6. Wilfred Franca Dress in Birch: "Old Hollywood Glamor. Or something. It's pretty, not vampy."

7. Loup Charmant bloomers: "I maintain that underthings are for you, not for him."

8. Tallulah Jane Gotham: "Just discovered this one. It's 'spicy and exotic' just like me. In my own head."

And there we have it, folks. The best in beauty, gifts, chocolate and more for Valentine's Day 2012! How will you celebrate?

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