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kahina moroccan rose water

Introducing our Moroccan Rose Water, 100% Pure Steam Distilled From Wild Damask Rose Petals

The Valley of Roses sits at the base of the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Here, in a 30 km stretch of land, Morocco's Damask Roses grow wild. The water used to steam distill these roses flows from high in the Atlas Mountains down to the Dades Gorge, infusing our Rose Water with its mineral rich content and delicate, sweet scent. Each Spring during the rose harvest, the Berber women of the village of Kelaat M'Gouna rise before dawn to hand pick the roses, preserving their fragrance from the damaging effects of the sun's rays. The petals are then carefully steam distilled. The steam distillation process results in more health and beauty benefits than rose water made by mixing rose oil with water. Our 100% steam distilled Rose Damascena is made without added preservatives, alcohol or water. Shop our Moroccan Rose Water here
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