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Introducing Kahina ESSAOUIRA Body Serum

Kahina Essaouira Body Serum We're thrilled to introduce ESSAOUIRA Body Serum, a new all-natural scent for our classic body serum formulation. What is the inspiration behind the name and scent? Essaouira is a Moroccan town by the sea and we wanted to create a light, breezy scent to match. How do you pronounce Essaouira? Roughly "es-uh-weer-uh" What notes are found in the scent? Rose, lavender, geranium, sandalwood and petitgrain How do you use a body serum? A body serum's main objective is to moisturize. We recommend applying a generous amount after a bath or shower, with slightly damp skin. The water helps the oils absorb and hydrate even better. You can of course apply it to dry skin as well. What are the key moisturizing ingredients? We've created a special blend of absorbent antioxidant- and vitamin-rich oils so this serum leaves with you soft, nourished skin. Those oils are argan, watermelon seed, sunflower seed, olive and coconut. Available in 200 ml ($98) and 30 ml ($32) sizes. Shop ESSAOUIRA Body Serum.
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