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DIY Luminizer without coconut oil

Make your own luminizing balm RMS Living Luminizer is a legend amongst green beauty products... but it also contains coconut oil, which can be problematic for some skin types. Its signature cool pearl tone works for most skin types, but it can be fun and useful to highlight in other colors. Here, we show you how to make your own highlighter sans coconut, with Kahina Lip & Face Balm. We used a rose-gold like powder for this, but there are powders in gold, silver, and lavender hues as well. You could also make a luminizing bronzer the same way. Effect: pearluster, velvet finish, with a more concentrated, luminous result than using a luminizing powder on its own; rather than applying all over face, apply only in areas meant to be highlighted Difficulty level: easy What you'll need: Loose powder highlighter (we're using Alima Pure in Lumina) Kahina Lip & Face Balm Any medium-size, dense brush Sample jar (optional) How it's done: Remove a small amount of Lip & Face Balm (using a clean utensil like a spatula) and place it either in a sample jar (great so you can store extras) or the back of your hand. Lift a small to medium (depending on how much of your face you'll be covering) amount of loose luminizing powder into jar or onto back of hand, to the side of the Lip & Face Balm. Using a clean brush, work the two into each other, being careful not to put too much powder into the mix. The consistency should be like a smooth, thick cream. You may need to gently press your brush into it to release powder clumps and work into a paste. Once you have the desired consistency and pigmentation, apply onto desired areas like top of nose, above lips, above cheekbones, and in the corner of eyes. If you used a sample jar to do the mixing, just put the top on and store for use next time, being sure to use a clean brush every time. Luminizer Balm Swatch Luminizer Powder Swatch
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