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Destiny, the beginnings of Kahina


Originally published July 3, 2009 In the Fall of 2007 I had the chance to travel to Morocco for the first time. Moroccans are strong believers in destiny and I have come to believe that it was my destiny to discover argan oil on that trip. On my way to Morocco, my expensive face cream with a major luxury brand name was confiscated at the airport. I bought something changing planes at Heathrow, but left that behind in the hotel after my first night in Casablanca. I journeyed to Fes in one of the few times in my life without any lotion on my face and by the time I got to the desert I was desperate. In Marrakech, I asked my guide what the local women use on their skin and he told me about argan oil. This was before argan oil had become known in the US and I had never heard of it before, nor was I in the practice of using pure oil on my face. At that point, I still believed in the superiority of the technology of developed countries, even in the area of skin care. But my 5th Ave skin care resources don't exist in Morocco, so I asked him to take me somewhere where I could purchase some oil. I was delivered to an apothecary in the heart of the medina where the owner served sweet mint tea and expounded on every spice and medicinal treatment on the shelves, from arthritis, to impotency and rheumatism before he finally got around to selling me the argan oil. I bought the argan oil and brought it home. It wasn't long before I was hooked. My skin was radiant and glowing and I loved how light it felt on my skin in contrast to the rich creams I'd been using. This was an epiphany for me -- that a pure oil, used for centuries by women in a country across the world could be more effective than anything I could find at home. It was then that I decided to create the skin care line I had been searching for. One based on simple, good ingredients that work. Stay tuned for more...
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