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A Look Back

Celebrating in a Traditional Berber Fashion Celebrating in a Traditional Berber Fashion
I’ve been rereading some of my early blog posts, back when Kahina was just launching in 2009. The challenges were great in the beginning – creating and designing a brand, identifying trustworthy sources of argan oil, working through challenges of logistics, learning how to do business in Morocco, and working to develop a line of products that would meet my standards. As hard as it was, with sleepless nights too numerous to count, I remember it as a wonderful and exciting time. I was driven by passion, which is another word for madness. As I read through the posts now, I am reminded of the original spirit that incited me to take the crazy step (seemingly at the time) of creating my own skincare line in the first place. Part travelogue, part lesson in small business and cultural sensitivity, we’ll be posting some more of these early posts here with you again. I hope you enjoy them.OOKook
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