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Antioxidants and Sun Protection


While sunscreen is essential in protecting against redness caused by the sun's UVB rays and should certainly be used as part of safe sun practices, research suggests that photoprotection from topical antioxidants can boost the effectiveness of sunscreen to protect skin against signs of aging and skin cancer caused by the sun's UVA rays. In addition, vitamin E has proven to be effective at boosting UVB protection while vitamin C has strong protective effects against UVA radiation. Antioxidants also serve as topical anti-inflammatory agents, which are critical for healthy skin. We encourage the use of sunscreen in combination with our products and hope to develop a safe natural sunscreen to round out the Kahina Giving Beauty range in the future. In the meantime, boost your safe sun practices with the application of our antioxidant and Vitamin E rich Argan Oil and/or Serum and our antioxidant-rich Eye Serum and/or Eye Cream and get your vitamin D!
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