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Organic argan oil can be used for many treatments, head to toe. Applied to the hair, skin, hands, feet and even when consumed, the positive effects and benefits of oil are unmatched by any other all natural organic oil on the market. Rich in high concentrations of vitamin E and omega fatty acids, and only grown in Morocco, argan oil is the rarest and most sought after natural skin repairing ingredient on the planet.

Organic argan oil, when applied to hair, can have amazing results. Because of its high saturation of essential vitamins and nutrients needed in skin growth and repair, the natural oil works wonders to renew cell structure and restore shine to your dry and damaged hair. Treatments containing pure, high quality argan oil should instantly absorb into your hair, penetrating down to the root, with no oily feeling left behind. Locking in moisture immediately, argan oil quickly restores shine, luster and softness to even the most brittle ends.

Another popular argan oil treatment is applied to the face to diminish wrinkles, repair sun damage to your skin, and prevent premature aging. It helps soften the skin and retain moisture, as well as helping with skin conditions such as acne or eczema. You can find argan oil in masks, serums, lotions, creams and other anti aging and skin care products and regimens. Kahina Giving Beauty offers a complete line of these products containing 100% organic argan oil.

Applying argan oil to your hands, feet and cuticles is yet another great use. It soothes irritation, softens dry patches, and absorbs instantly to give the skin a radiant glow. As an every day moisturizer or deep treatment, it is a wonderful natural and organic remedy women in Morocco have been using to maintain their beauty for centuries.