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Argan oil is an all natural way to combat sun damage and to reverse the signs of ageing that has been used by Moroccan women for centuries. Kahina Giving Beauty enforces the highest standards in its argan oil production and certification to produce a pure and superior product that is not only truly organic and environmentally safe, but completely luxurious.

Extremely rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, Kahina’s Argan Oil is a luxury that women of every age should experience. Its smooth texture and lightweight consistency allow it to penetrate deep into the skin where it works to reduce wrinkles and protect from premature aging caused by oxidation. Full of benefits, there is not an oil on the planet that produces the skin healing results of pure argan oil.

Argan oil has been given the nickname “liquid gold” and because of its rarity and endless health benefits, is considered a luxury not only by Moroccan women, but people all over the world. Difficult and expensive to obtain, and much sought after by the cosmetics industry, the quality of argan oil in cosmetics and skin care products may vary from brand to brand. The higher the quality of the oil in your products the more beneficial they will be for your skin. Only very few brands, like Kahina Giving Beauty, are genuinely dedicated in providing consumers with the purest, and highest quality argan oil based skin care products on the market.

Kahina Giving Beauty is set apart by its luxury packaging. Our violet glass bottles block UV rays that can destroy the beneficial qualities of our natural ingredients. In addition, violet glass helps to preserve our products, keeping them at their most potent and effective. Glass is 100% recyclable, furthering our commitment to the environment and sustainable beauty.