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Are your products certified organic? We purchase argan oil that has been certified organic by Ecocert. Most of our products are certified organic and/or natural by Ecocert, a European certification board. We incorporate high quantities of additional certified organic ingredients in our products to create healthy and long-lasting skincare solutions that work. The percentages of organic ingredients in our products depend on the need for natural preservatives and/or select active ingredients that cannot be certified organic. Are your products all-natural? All of our products contain 100% natural ingredients. Our products never contain parabens, synthetic fragrance, sulfates, artificial dyes or coloring, and our products have not been tested on animals. Are your products vegan? Our Facial Lotion, Lip & Face Balm, and FEZ Hand & Body Balm all contain organic beeswax. Other than this ingredient, we do not use any animal byproducts in our formulations and we do not test on animals. Are your products gluten-free? To the very best of our knowledge, YES! Our chemist has verified that none of the ingredients contain gluten nor came into contact with gluten during production. Where are your products manufactured? We import our argan oil, prickly pear seed oil and Beldi soap from Morocco for use in our products. All products are manufactured in the USA.