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If you are in the market to buy Moroccan Argan Oil products, you must consider the quality of the oil itself. Not all Moroccan Argan Oils are created equal. While Argan trees grow only in Southwestern Morocco, factors such as how and which regions the nuts are harvested, and how they are pressed, can greatly affect the quality of the argan oil you are looking to buy. Organic argan oil can be very expensive, but keep in mind that you are paying for the purity of your oil, which is an important factor in preserving it’s natural benefits for your skin, hair and nails.

Argan nuts are hard, almond-like seeds, encased in a shell and fruity pulp. While most animals avoid the nuts due to the prickly texture of the fruit, other animals such as goats will eat them whole and digest the nuts, ruining their quality. Also, nuts must be gathered from the ground, not the tree. Argan nuts that have not fallen to the ground are not sufficiently ripe. To ensure that our products contain the purest argan oil, Kahina Giving Beauty only gathers nuts from the ground that have the pulp intact, to guarantee that they are ready and that their quality has not been compromised.

Where nuts are harvested will play a big part in the quality of the Moroccan argan oil you buy. There are five distinct regions in the South of Morocco where the argan trees grow. These areas differ in soil, exposure and weather conditions, all affecting the quality and purity of the nuts themselves. Kahina Giving Beauty harvests nuts from truly organic and nutrient rich areas, free from damaging pesticides and fertilizers.

Some argan oils are created through the ancient tradition of being hand pressed by Moroccan women. While this may seem like a better option for obtaining pure and high quality argan oil, it is actually the opposite. When the nuts are cold pressed by hand, water is added to encourage the oil to come out, and then is separated from the oil. The water actually makes the argan oil impure and changes the natural qualities of the oil itself. At Kahina Giving Beauty argan nuts are always cracked by hand, and then machine pressed to preserve the purity and extend longevity.