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Kahina Giving Beauty is dedicated to providing you with the best organic argan oil skin care products on the market. Today, more and more people are discovering what other cultures have long known: that natural/organic ingredients are just as, if not more, effective than their synthetic counterparts. Not only are our argan oil skin care products extremely effective, they are better for your body and are completely safe for the environment.

In order to bring consumers the best in argan oil skin care, Kahina Giving Beauty certifies our products with ECOCERT, an internationally recognized company with the highest standards for natural and organic products. From the quality of our ingredients, to manufacturing procedures and packaging, ECOCERT guarantees that we go well beyond the conventional standards of beauty products to bring you the best organic skincare line on the market.

Kahina Giving Beauty’s simple and effective organic argan oil based skin care products are free of harmful ingredients. No artificial colors or preservatives are used and our products are never tested on animals. Natural ingredients such as shea butter, beeswax, willowbark, papaya extract, white and green tea are added to our Facial Lotion, serums and Toning Mist to enhance the effectiveness and benefits of our products.