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The Argan tree is one of the oldest species of trees in the world, surviving over 65 million years through the tertiary era. It can live up to 200 years and if the tree dies, it can remain dormant and then revive again in 7 years. The nuts of these amazing “holy” trees, only found in Southwestern Morocco, are collected and pressed to produce an oil that possesses hundreds of health benefits. By Moroccan law, only the indigenous Berber women can extract this precious oil.

Argan oil gives the user soft skin, reduces wrinkles, heals scars, repairs hair, rejuvenates skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to sooth conditions such as arthritis and muscle aches. It also contains a wide variety of consumption benefits, such as increased circulation, and lowering cholesterol. Choosing the best quality argan oil can make a difference in the ability of the oil to repair and rejuvenate your skin. Poorly or cheaply produced products are filled with impurities and do not maintain the integrity of the argan oil’s natural benefits.

The best Moroccan argan oil is made from nuts collected from the ground with the pulp still intact, cracked by hand by Berber women and left to dry out, and finally machine-pressed to reduce the risk of impurities or contamination. We take great care in the production of our oil. Kahina Giving Beauty not only uses pure organic argan oil, our products are certified by Ecocert and packaged in high quality violet glass that provides preservative protection to the ingredients by keeping out damaging light rays.