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Giving Beauty is also about giving beauty advice. Email us your questions and thoughts to get feedback from our array of skincare professionals and partners, including a practicing dermatologist, licensed estheticians, make-up artists, wellness and beauty consultants, and chemists. We'll direct your question to who can best assist you.
Click here to ask a question I’m so happy to hear that you love our products and have had such good results. Our Cleanser is designed to gently exfoliate using papaya enzymes. The Mask is a good twice/weekly supplement. I am of the belief that too much scrubbing tends to thin skin, but I understand that some people just love to “feel” their exfoliants. For these, I recommend using the Clarisonic Brush with the Kahina Cleanser, which is used in professional spas with great results. I would recommend the Eye Serum for you. The botanical extracts really help to stimulate the circulation under the eyes and work wonders on puffiness and dark circles, while increasing cell turnover to help with the fine lines that are starting to appear. It is very lightweight and absorbs quickly and easily so it won’t cause any irritation to your sensitive eyes. On the alternate nights you don’t use Retin-A, you can apply the oil. Or if you use Retin-A every night,you should apply that first, wait 10-15 minutes and then massage argan oil into your skin. This will work really well with the drying tendency of Retin-A and be very soothing without being counterproductive to the benefits of vitamin A. As far as the morning, you could put a drop or two of oil into your cream for more hydration on days you feel like you need it. Try the Kahina Serum, the most moisturizing, restorative, and nourishing product, along with the Toning Mist, which will help it absorb even better into your skin. You might want to follow with our Lotion, which will seal everything in, and provide additional moisture (shea butter, argan oil, sodium hyaluronate + beeswax). For the eye area (and any fine lines anywhere!), I suggest the Eye Cream, as it’s the more moisturizing of our two eye products. I’d also encourage using the Antioxidant Mask, which helps buff away dead skin cells and prevent any flakiness. It’s not a drying clay mask thanks to the argan oil. We have had many customers write in to tell us how much our argan oil has helped with various skin conditions and allergies, including psoriasis. In this case, I’d recommend a sort of weekly treatment– massage argan oil into dry scalp and let sit as long as possible, 30 minutes to overnight. Then rinse with non-sulfate, ideally organic/natural shampoo/conditioner. See how scalp reacts- if you notice gradual improvement, you may only need to do this treatment once or twice a month. Keep in mind a little goes a long way. Hair products that are not pure argan oil contain a lot of other ingredients that dilute the oil. Less is more with pure argan oil. For other hair ideas, a little bit of argan oil on the ends should do you, or you could make a deep-conditioning hair mask with avocado and argan oil. I myself like to mix argan oil with water and aloe vera, shake well, and spritz onto my hair- I have thick, almost coarse, wavy hair, and it helps revive the curl between washes. Argan oil is very well suited to sensitive and combination skin. It is lightweight, yet high in essential fatty acids and has anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it’s very soothing. Oil actually helps balance oil production, so I predict that using argan oil will help balance your combination skin to just normal. In your late 20’s- really at any age!- you should definitely take care of the eye area. Since you specifically expressed concerns regarding elasticity, I would encourage you to use our Eye Cream. It contains argan oil and sodium hyaluronate- both ingredients that help boost moisture levels and keep skin plump. It also contains antioxidant-rich white & green tea extracts– great to treat current & prevent future signs of aging. Aloe vera & sea fennel calm, and peptides help restore collagen (contributing to elasticity improvement). To begin, I’d recommend Facial Cleanser, Argan Oil, and Eye Cream. This is a bare-bones regimen that can introduce you to Kahina. Additional products I recommend are our Facial Lotion, which seals in the Argan Oil, and matte-ifies the skin for day. Our Toning Mist helps the oil absorb even more readily, while also being a moisture boost during the day. Finally, if you like masks, ours is multipurpose and for all skin types. It has antioxidant power, exfoliating properties, detoxifying properties, improves skin tone, and will not (like other clay masks) dry skin, thanks to a healthy dose of argan oil. Yes. The Kahina Giving Beauty line will be a great complement to the stronger products you’re using. Trentinoin can of course be very drying and make the skin sensitive. Apply the Serum and then Facial Lotion after cleansing. The Eye Cream would be a great addition because it’s soothing and hydrating. The high vitamin E content in argan oil makes it perfect for scars of all kinds, and the anti-bacterial properties in the oil will keep acne from recurring. All the products except the Serum are suitable for your skin and will be fabulous for hydrating and inflammation since Retinols are often drying and irritating. The argan oil will be great and actually wont be too heavy. The cleanser has some exfoliating agents as well as anti-bacterial properties that will be perfect for combating both aging and breakout, and the lotion is actually very lightweight and won’t clog pores. The new mask is really nice, smells amazing and has anti-bacterial properties to help with break outs (without drying on the skin). I would use it a few times a week. Our products do not contain added sunscreen. While sunscreen is essential in protecting against redness by the sun’s UVB rays and should certainly be used as part of safe sun practices, research suggests that photoprotection from topical antioxidants can boost the effectiveness of sunscreen to reduce signs of aging and protect against skin cancer caused by the sun’s UVA rays. In addition, vitamin E has proven to be effective at boosting UVB protection while vitamin C has strong protective effects against UVA radiation. Antioxidants also serve as topical antiinflammatory agents, which are critical for healthy skin. We encourage the use of sunscreen in addition to our products and hope to develop a safe natural sunscreen to round out the Kahina Giving Beauty range. In the meantime, we hope you will consider boosting your safe sun practices with the application of our antioxidant and Vitamin E rich Argan Oil and/or Serum and our antioxidant-rich and Vitamin C enhanced Eye Serum and/or Eye Cream. The cleanser has some amazing exfoliating properties that give skin that great glow! That being said, it may be slightly too much for the eye area, but you are welcome to try it and see if there is any irritation. Some people do use it as a light eye makeup remover and have no problem. I just err on the side of caution due to the papaya enzymes, and without knowing the sensitivity of your skin, it would be hard to gauge. Thank you for writing with your question! So the cleanser is a little tricky, it would be best to try a sample and see how your skin reacts. On one hand it could be the perfect cleanser (mild exfoliant) for a sensitive skin type because that type of person can’t use manual scrubs or anything too active. So the cleanser does have some actives but they are fairly mild and it just would be hard to completely tell how your skin would react. Worst case the skin would turn pink/red, but you wouldn’t have any lingering side effects so it’s a matter of how comfortable you feel with that potentially happening. It’s funny because I’m pregnant and before I didn’t have any reaction to the cleanser but now I turn a little pink and I can feel some activity. I actually love this though as it reminds me how it’s doing good things and eating away bacteria and killing dead skin. So with that in mind it’s all relative to how sensitive and how bad the rosacea might be. When in doubt, try a sample at home first and see how it feels. If you pay shipping costs, Kahina Giving Beauty can send you a small sample of the cleanser. The eye serum is amazing. It is fairly lightweight so it is great on all skin types. The sugar beet helps to circulate the blood flow minimizing dark circles and the alfalfa is soothing and calming for the delicate eye area. The rhodiola root extract helps to strengthen and reduce puffiness or inflammation. Nighttime is an excellent time to apply product since we are indoors with little exposure to pollution or UV rays and it will stay on the skin up to eight hours without interruption. While all skin types should use the Kahina cleanser, the oily skin could follow with the Argan Oil and/or the lotion while the normal to dry could follow with the the lotion and for added hydration apply the serum on top. All skin types can use the eye serum to help combat fine lines and boost antioxidants in the skin. If you have acne prone skin you may want to stick with the lotion or Argan Oil instead of the serum. Although there are many healing and soothing benefits to the serum that would help your acne, the carrotseed oil that is in the serum is probably too heavy and is better suited to drier skin. The heavier an oil is, the less likely it is to penetrate the skin, therefore leaving the surface of the skin emollient. If acne prone, this oil can be too much and can exacerbate the situation. Both the lotion and the Argan Oil are lightweight and absorb really well. For acne prone skin I would recommend using the lotion during the day and the Argan Oil at night. The Kahina serum and Argan Oil are both soothing and healing and would be beneficial for a child however all the other products may be a little too active and most importantly not formulated with them in mind. I would say Kahina products are safe for a child although I wouldn’t say they are best suited for them. There are some active regenerating ingredients that help turn cells over for aging skin and I think it could be slightly irritating to a young child if used regularly. Children’s skin is ideal in that has a built in system that regenerates skin and turns the cells over very quickly (hence that scab on their knee is better in only days). Adults need an extra hand in stimulating the process. The neck definitely gets neglected in our home care routines. Therefore, it is best to get in the habit of using your facial products all the way down the neck, maybe even on your décolleté once in awhile. The skin on the neck can get dry and show fine lines, so it will greatly improve the texture if you exfoliate and hydrate that area regularly. Using Kahina Facial Cleanser to loosen dead skin and following with Kahina Serum is a perfect combination that will achieve a smoother, softer neck. There are certainly a number of things you can do to help soften the lines you already have, as well as numerous things you can do to prevent lines from showing up. First and foremost you need to protect yourself from the sun. The sun has harmful rays that break down our collagen and elastin, which in turn causes the wrinkles. Aside from sunscreen, vitamin C is a great anti-oxidant that helps to strengthen the skin and fight free radicals that break down our collagen. Vitamin C is found in the Kahina Eye Serum and will help combat those crows’ feet we all dread. It’s also important to exfoliate. By exfoliating we are polishing the skin and eliminating the dead skin buildup that makes the wrinkle appear worse than it is. As we age our skin cells don’t turn over as quickly as they once did, so it is important to manually encourage the process. The Kahina Cleanser has willow bark and lactic acid, both gentle and natural exfoliating agents. I would highly recommend the Kahina Facial Cleanser, the Kahina Lotion and the Kahina 100% Organic Argan Oil. Kahina Cleanser has honey and willow bark, which are both anti-bacterial as well as papaya and lactic to help gently exfoliate without being too abrasive on an active breakout. The Kahina Lotion is lightweight, hydrating without any lingering residue. Lastly the Kahina Argan Oil, this will help heal and nourish sensitive breakouts without clogging to the pores. Eczema varies in severity and can range from just mild itching and redness to skin so dry it is cracked, oozing and very sensitive. Most people initially treat the problem with the traditional medication of hydrocortisone cream, however this builds up toxins in the body and loses it efficacy over time. Eczema needs hydration and also needs calming to soothe the inflammation and redness. Argan Oil provides relief to both of these symptoms as well as providing tons of anti-oxidants to help heal and prevent the eczema from returning. In addition to the great benefits of the Argan oil it’s important to look at your diet and to keep your immunity strong for the greatest chances of overcoming the symptoms of eczema. You couldn’t find anything more suitable for a pregnant woman. Putting pure organics on your skin and in your body is most important when considering the health of your baby. It is also recommended to use sunscreen on the skin when pregnant, as you are often more photosensitive. Kahina Serum is a more complex product specifically formulated to heal and restore skin. Though based on argan oil, it also incorporates additional vitamin and antioxidant rich ingredients such as sea buckthorn and carrot seed oil, which are high in vitamins A and betacarotene, to strengthen the skin and protect against free radicals, slowing the aging process. The chamomile oil and bisabolol (derived from chamomile) are extremely soothing and act as anti-irritants for those with sensitive skin. Formulated to easily penetrate the skin for the successful delivery of its many ingredients and their benefits, Kahina Serum should be applied first, before a moisturizer, on clean dry skin so it can soak into the deepest layer of the epidermis. While the serum has many benefits for all skin types, it is ideally suited for a normal to dry skin type. The Kahina Argan Oil is pure, 100% organic argan oil that contains no other ingredients. It can effectively be used by anyone due to its simple ingredient list, as there is little room for sensitivities or reactions when all one is getting is a single pure organic and healing ingredient. Straightforward in form, Kahina Argan Oil use is not limited to just the face, and it can be used more liberally, especially on the hair or, my favorite, sprinkled in the bath. Don’t get me wrong- if I could afford to bathe in the Kahina Serum I would- but the Kahina Argan Oil is an amazing alternative that best serves more liberal applications without breaking the bank.