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W discovers Kahina Giving Beauty as one of the “Latest Eco-Minded Indie-Beauty Companies.”

“Katharine L’Heureux, 52

Creation Myth: On a trip to Morocco in 2007, this former public relations executive had her expensive skincare products confiscated at the airport. The dry dessert air did a number on her complexion, and a guide suggested argan oil, an emollient extracted by local Berber women from the nuts of the endangered argan trees. When L’Heureux noticed a difference in her skin (argan combats the effect of aging and soothes irritation), she set about creating various products with the oil and now gives 25 percent of the sales back to the Berber communities.

Key ingredients: Argan oil- but there’s also olive, coconut, and shea oils, and rosemary and lavender in the soap trio.

Recent developments: L’Heureux has converted her 16-year-old son into a fan (argan oil can also treat acne) and is hoping to move into home goods made by the Berber artisans with whom she works.”

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