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Nylon Magazine

Nylon Magazine

Nylon features the Kahina Facial Cleanser, focusing on its socially-minded production.

“By Berber law, Moroccan argan oil may only be extracted by the women native to the Argan region. When San Francisco-based Katharine L’Heureux created her new brand of organic skincare, Giving Beauty, she saw this mandate as an opportunity to help support the financial independence of these women. She established cooperatives to harvest the oil, which is known for its high concentration of vitamin E and antioxidants, that offer fair wages and provide benegits like literacy programs. To boot, 10 percent of the proceeds from Kahina Giving Beauty is allotted to local initiatives chosen by the women themselves (first up: a village preschool). Oh, and there are other benefits as well: The refillable bottles are made of recycled violet glass, and their contents are unscented, paraben-free formulations that gently cleanse, treat and moisturize.”

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