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Why we love geranium oil

KAHINA ESSAOUIRA BODY SERUMIf you've tried our new ESSAOUIRA Body Serum, you'll notice a bright note of rose geranium on first sniff. Not only is it a favorite scent of ours, rose geranium has wonderful skin and aromatherapy benefits. Here are three ways rose geranium in ESSAOUIRA Body Serum can come to your aid: 1. Rose geranium helps support your body's lymph system and can temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite. For best results, as you massage the body serum in, focus on long, vigorous strokes toward your heart. 2. Rose geranium is a female hormone balancer, meaning it can help relieve uncomfortable pre-menstrual or menopause symptoms. For cramps or other discomfort, add a few pumps of ESSAOUIRA Body Serum to a bath to take advantage of the aromatherapy benefits while also moisturizing and soothing. For hot flashes, we recommend a cool shower or spritzing the body with water and then applying a light layer of ESSAOUIRA Body Serum all over. 3. Rose geranium calms frayed nerves. Paired with lavender, the Essaouira scent blend is the perfect aromatherapy ritual for relaxing at the end of the day, or beginning your day in a centered frame of mind. Don't just take our word for it - the ladies at No More Dirty Looks are also big fans of this wonderful oil! Shop ESSAOUIRA Body Serum.
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