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We've made shopping easier!

We've made shopping easier!

We've updated our shopping platform to Shopify to make your checkout experience more seamless.  With Shopify, you're information is readily stored to make future checkouts easy, including with one-click payments.

For security reasons we are not able to migrate customer Woo passwords (or saved cards) to Shopify, but we have saved all of your existing points in our system. If you have a registered account, you will need to reenter your email address to reset your password here:
You can then login and see previous orders, redeem points etc.  Our points system is as follows:
Sign up and receive 100 points
Receive 1 point for every dollar spent
20 points equals $1
We apologize for this inconvenience as we convert our customer database to the new platform, but feel confident that your Kahina shopping experience will be improved.
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