Help us buy SIM cards to enable girls' remote learning in rural Morocco during the shutdown

Due to the coronavirus, the government shut down schools in Morocco on March 16. The girls of the Education For All, Morocco (EFA) boarding homes have returned to their families in very remote, poor villages in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Without computers and unable to afford SIM cards if they have phones, they cannot access learning resources from their villages. These girls are extremely dedicated to pursuing their education and have demonstrated an incredible commitment to overcome the challenges that face girls in Morocco. It deeply saddens me to see their progress halted due to the situation presented by the coronavirus. To address this, EFA has launched a new fundraising campaign to buy SIM cards and, where necessary, simple smart phones for the girls, so they don't fall behind. Kahina is donating 10% of all sales to Education For All through April 30 to support this initiative. I encourage you to watch this beautiful short video for a glimpse into the lives of these girls and the work of EFA. I hope it inspires you at this time as it does me.

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