Are Parisian Women More Beautiful?


I've just returned from a week in Paris. Beauty is everywhere in Paris, in the streets, bridges, art, buildings, parks and sculpture. Is it surprising that Parisian women are beautiful as well? Because the women of Paris live surrounded by so much astounding beauty, perhaps beauty becomes something internalized. Through exposure to so much that is beautiful, they learn the importance of creating beauty in their own lives. Through constant exposure to such things as the drape of the cloth on the Winged Victory or the curve of a Rodin sculpture for example, they adopt the skillful draping of a scarf, (a skill unmatched around the world) or a way to hold their heads. As they say, the women in Paris live "in their skin. This confidence in their beauty comes from something deeper than their outward appearance, something more finely tuned. The beauty of the Parisian woman is closer to taste. It comes from living her life as art.

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