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photo by Marcella Echavarria photo by Marcella Echavarria
In our New Year’s blog post, I share our company mantra, Reveal Beauty, and wanted to take a moment to elaborate on what this phrase means to me. It can be interpreted as a somewhat clichéd slogan, meaning – “our products will unveil your as yet undiscovered beauty”. But, while I of course believe that Kahina will help people to look their best, I don’t adhere to the idea that true beauty is as simple as a skincare regime and a good haircut. To me, the message behind traditional beauty advertising can be translated to imply that beauty doesn’t exist without the product they are trying to sell. In other words, you will not be beautiful without our product. On the contrary, we believe that there is beauty in everyone. To me “reveal beauty” is a reminder to continually notice, appreciate and bring forth beauty. To find the beauty in everything, especially where it is least expected. To appreciate the unvarnished, authentic and unadorned – a candid moment, a random gesture, the off-kilter feature, a cherished object that has become worn with time, a simple shape, something that has been overlooked. There is a sense of discovery, a journey that is taken when beauty is revealed. When beauty unfolds itself to the onlooker, the pleasure received from observing and experiencing it is made all the richer. ArganOil_Nutsv1 For Kahina Giving Beauty this concept begins with uncovering simple natural raw materials and finding inspiration from the land they grew in, those who do the work of farming, harvesting and extracting those ingredients, and elevating the traditions behind them. It means finding grace in modesty, luxury in simplicity, and elegance in the primitive. Women cracking argan nuts photo credit Kahina Giving Beauty It means embracing all forms of beauty. And it means presenting our discoveries beautifully so our customers can share in the experience with us.
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