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My Mantras for 2010


I often receive comments from people on how I inspire them. The truth is that I am always taken by surprise when I hear this, since I spend most of my time stressed out by overcoming the daily hurdles of running a business and family. While I am proud of my achievements in the starting of Kahina, I have yet to meet my business and philanthropic goals. I am intimidated by the challenges I have yet to face in making a material difference in the lives of the women I set out to help and in sustaining my business. In light of this, I have taken the time to create here the list of "mantras" that have helped me get through the first two years, and will hopefully allow me to get at least a few good nights sleep in 2010.

1. Dispel negative thoughts, both my own and others' 2. Challenge traditional thinking and advice 3. Breathe deeply 4. Understand that obstacles make me stronger 5. Take the time to make real connections with others 6. Harness the power of working with other like-minded people, especially women 7. Find inspiration in the strength of those who have little and yet find happiness 8. Celebrate my successes, now matter how small 9. Use only what is necessary 10. Be courageous 11. Listen -- to others, to my heart, and to the universe 12. Have faith 13. Follow my intuition 14. Take things one day at a time 15. Find something to be thankful for everyday 16. Appreciate the small moments 17. Be motivated by love 18. Take comfort in those who love me 19. Seek inspiration and guidance from those who have found success before me
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