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Since the inception of KAHINA™, we have committed to donating 1% of our revenue to the Berber women of Morocco in addition to paying a fair wage for their work. Thanks to our customers, are efforts are having a profound effect on the lives of these women and their families. This year, our donations:
  • Allowed two additional girls to continue their schooling beyond the third grade through Education For All, bringing our total to 12 girls who would not otherwise had this opportunity!
  • Generated income for impoverished communities through the planting of 2,000 fruit tree saplings for community run nursuries through the High Atlas Foundation, bringing our total to 12,000 trees creating a sustainable future for rural Moroccans.
  • As well as direct donations to the Berber women of the Anti-Atlas Mountains who crack the nuts for Kahina's Argan Oil as part of KAHINA™s Fair Trade initiative for the purchase of eye glasses and educational materials.
These donations are in addition to paying a fair wage for the work of harvesting and cracking the nuts for Kahina's argan oil. Watch the video to learn firsthand about the impact.
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