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Kahina Body Ritual

Kahina Body Ritual Smoother, softer skin isn't hard to achieve when you take a few simple steps before, during, and after your shower or bath. As we head into cooler months, dry heat makes your skin especially prone to moisture loss. Adapting these steps now will ensure a flake- and itch-free, glowing winter. BEFORE YOUR SHOWER: Dry brush We like this easy guide on how to dry brush and the benefits you reap by doing so. Pictured above is Katharine's Moroccan clay dry "brush" but the more traditional kind have bristles and a long, short, or no handle. We like brushes with a short handle. IN THE SHOWER: Cleanse & scrub Whatever you're using to cleanse your body should never leave your skin feeling stripped, dry, or tight when you leave the shower. Kahina's Argan Soap not only smells delicious, it also helps boost circulation, moisturize and exfoliate, thanks to coarse ground rosemary and a rich base blend of oils including argan, coconut, shea and olive. AFTER YOUR SHOWER: Moisturize Pat skin mostly dry but leave a little dampness - it helps Kahina FEZ Body Serum absorb. Apply as much as needed, massaging in the same directions that you dry brushed - toward the heart. Argan, watermelon seed, olive, and coconut oils help boost moisture and elasticity on contact and over time. Tap into the aromatherapy benefits of this product by cupping hands over mouth and nose and inhaling deeply. Exhale slowly and naturally. Rose, neroli, ylang ylang, patchouli and vetiver essential oils should you leave you feeling calmer and more grounded. Three steps and you're done. You'll notice immediate effects like softer skin, but over time expect to see firmer skin tone and moisture that lasts longer and longer.
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