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Introducing Kahina Toning Mist


Say hello to the newest addition to the Kahina line: Toning Mist! Heard enough? Click here and shop now. As you know at Kahina Giving Beauty we're big fans of effective, versatile, multi-tasking products for all skin types, including sensitive, and this one is no different. More complex than a hydrosol, less astringent than a traditional toner, our Toning Mist: 1. increases the efficacy of our core product, Argan Oil, as well as Serum, by acting as a carrier to help the oils penetrate easily into the skin. 2. works to maintain moisture throughout the day: just spritz, even over makeup, and voila!, refreshed and replenished 3. acts as a traditional "toner" with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, perfect for shrinking pores and finishing the cleansing process As you also know, we're sticklers for the very best in effective organic and natural ingredients. Certified by Ecocert our Toning Mist features... 1. aloe vera and rose flower water, excellent for soothing calming skin and mood 2. argan leaf and white tea, rich in antioxidants to reduce and prevent signs of aging 3. sodium hyaluronate to hydrate, smooth, and plump 4. willow bark and aspen bark extracts with excellent antiseptic properties -- perfect for those prone to breakouts 5. alfalfa seed extract, which performs like a retinol to encourage cell turnover, boost skin's metabolism, and stimulate collagen production We are using our Toning Mist at the office, on the beach, in the airplane, and--of course-- before every application of argan oil! Click here to get it at and let us know where you use yours.
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