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Happy Birthday Kahina!

Happy BDay Kahina I’m not big on celebrating. I'm usually grumpy on my birthday and my husband is typically the one to note an upcoming anniversary. It’s not that I’m particularly serious, or don’t like to mark special occasions. It’s more that I enjoy simple evenings with family at home most of all and I don’t need a special occasion to do it. I’m not much better at remembering other people’s birthdays either. It's no wonder then that I failed to notice an important milestone for Kahina. The first Kahina Giving Beauty product was sold in April, 2009, five years ago. These past five years have been a spectacular ride. When I conceived of Kahina Giving Beauty in 2007 after my first trip to Morocco, argan oil had not yet been introduced to the US, and people shied away from putting pure oils on their faces. Most organic skincare was considered ineffective and relegated to the health food store. There was no Instagram or Pinterest, and Facebook was not used by brands. Personally, I knew nothing about customs, shipping, accounting, margins, the difference between letterpress or digital printing, and could not have told you what GMP, FOB, or RTV meant. It's been incredibly stressful, but even more rewarding. For accomplishing something I am very proud of, and also for the wonderful people I’ve met along the way, many of whom I now call good friends. Those who had faith in me from the very beginning, some providing advice and services for very little or no money. Here’s to you: Ann, Will, Michael, Hall, Andy & Diane, Marion, Zaina, Aimee, Franca, Heather, Maria, Alix and Marcella. The wonderful community of organic devotees, particularly those early adoptors who supported, inspired and taught me so much when I was just starting out. Here’s to you: Siobhan, Jessa, Spirit, Melissa, Donna, Jessica & Jules, Oresta & Laryssa. The incredible team of talented people who make it all happen. Here’s to you: Michael, Marianne, Matthew, Fatima, Mark, Lewis, Lorraine, and Miriam. To new friends taking Kahina forward to exciting places. Here’s to you: Amira, Yossef, Aicha, Jeffrey, and Carrie. For taking me to Morocco in the first place. Here’s to you, Bob and Alex. To those who have made me feel so at home in Morocco: Cathy & Fred, Madame Alaoui, Helene & Hassan, Christine, Zaina, Fatima, and Khalissa. For those who have made a home for Kahina in far away lands: Peter & Alexander, Michelle, Luca, Suzy, Floris The amazing people who have provided invaluable support here and in Morocco and who I couldn’t function without: Here’s to you Mairin and Majid. Those who tolerated my work stress over numerous takeout dinners, and stood by me through thick and thin: With so much love, here’s to you Jim, Armant, Jamie, and Grace. And to all the rest, you know who you are.
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