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Giving Back in 2012


It was wonderful to see the sheep that we donated to the women of the village of Tazghelilt and what a difference they are making in their lives. Now the women have a source of dairy and wool for their weaving. Several new sheep have been born, and more will be bred for the women to sell. I had an opportunity to discuss new projects that Kahina can fund for these and other women in the region. One group, situated by a busy road, is attempting to draw more tourists to their location and would like to operate a small café in the cooperative. To do this, they require electricity and a refrigerator. Another group would like to provide health insurance for each of its members. And the women of Tazghelilt want still more sheep. There is no shortage of need in rural Morocco. Yet, it is amazing what a difference a little bit of help can make in the lives of these women. The rewards of the success of Kahina Giving Beauty will be to bring all these ideas and more to fruition this year.
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