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For the Gift That Keeps on Giving - Goats


When I first visited the remote village of Tazghelite, I received an especially heartwarming welcome from the women who live there.One of the tour of the tiny village we stopped at a small cement building that housed the weaving collective. There I was presented with the gift of a rug that the women had made for me, a lovely traditional knotted rug with KAHINA and the name of the cooperative emblazed on it.It is now one of my dearest treasures.

The same women who do the work of cracking the nuts for Kahina’s oil are also perfecting weaving skills in order to create textiles to sell at market. These women told me that they needed rugs, not only provide dairy and meat, but as a source of wool to use in their rug weaving.

During the month of December, $10 from the purchase of each of our Gift Sets go toward the purchase of goats for these women.

This truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

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