Fashion. love, Africa for Kahina Giving Beauty: Happy Earth Day!


In celebration of Earth Day, Kahina Giving Beauty is offering a custom Fashion. love, Africa tote for every purchase on over $250.The bag- a $50 retail value- is a vibrant blue, inspired by the color Katharine sees so often on her trips to Morocco.Fashion, love Africa designer Ryan Clements has incorporated argan nuts as a closure for the bag.

Why did we partner with Fashion, love Africa?

Katharine fell in love with the story behind Fashion, love Africa, an initiative that works with women living at the Gioto garbage slum in Kenya.140 families live at Gioto, subsisting on the food and materials that are dumped there. Women at Gioto gather, separate, clean, disinfect, and cut poly bags from the trash and weave them into handbags, creating something beautiful from trash. Fashion. love, Africa designs and purchases these bags, allowing a steady source of income and opportunity for families to lift themselves from extreme poverty by their own hands. For every bag sold, ten dollars are set aside for the entire community to aid in projects such as medical assistance, child sponsorship, relocation from the slum, and savings/loan programs.

Katharine did a test drive of the tote on a recent beach trip and loved that it carried everything and could be cleaned easily- just rinse with water!

Click here to check out the bag on our website now.

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