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10 Plus Ways We Use Kahina Lip and Face Balm

Kahina Lip & Face Balm Our customers have been asking us for an argan lip balm for years, which was the jumping off point for formulating our new Lip & Face Balm. Being Kahina, we have a hard time formulating a product with just one (or a few) uses, so we knew that this lip balm would have more to offer than your standard Chapstick. It's proven itself so multipurpose, we have three in rotation at any one time: one in our bag, one bedside, and one at the vanity. Here's how to get the most of our new Lip & Face Balm: 1. Yes, of course you can use it on chapped lips throughout the day, but consider an overnight lip treatment the fastest route to repair. You can gently exfoliate the lip area (brown sugar and olive oil or just a wash cloth) beforehand if you'd like, otherwise you can simply apply a generous layer before bedtime. We notice immediate improvement after just one night, but if your lips are severely chapped, keep repeating until healed. Keep your lips in best condition by applying a light layer each night. 2. Love lip color? We do too, but even all-natural brands can be drying due to the pigment used to create color. The more pigment, in general, the dryer it can make your lips. For that reason, we recommend applying a layer of Lip & Face Balm before any lipsticks or crayons. 3. There's an alternative to this technique: apply Lip & Face Balm over lip stains. Lip stains are liquidy tints that, again, can be very drying. Applying Lip & Face Balm after the lip tint gives you a semi-gloss finish while also moisturizing lips. 4. This may sound strange, but we love putting Lip & Face Balm over our eyebrows. It gives them a nice sheen and helps them stay in place (although this will hold will not last as long as gel), and we hope the conditioning elements will encourage healthy growth. If you're tweezing or getting a brow wax, Lip & Face Balm is a *must* post-grooming to soothe any redness or irritation. 5. Mix Lip & Face Balm with loose powder foundation or powder concealer. The resulting creamier concealer is perfect for dry spots. Apply with concealer brush or fingers. Warning: getting the ratio right takes a little practice. Add powder sparingly otherwise you'll end up with a dry finish once the balm absorbs. 6. This is a favorite: combine Lip & Face Balm with loose eye shadow powder/pigment to get a glossier, wetter finish. Dab a little balm on the back of your hand, then add a sprinkle of eye shadow. Mix with eyeshadow brush or your finger, then apply. Again - be careful not to oversaturate the mixture with powder otherwise over time it will become less glossy and too powdery. We like this technique best with light-colored, shimmery or metallic shadows, but experiment with darker colors if you're going for the greasy eye look. 7. Is your face parched or flakey (no) thanks to dry heat, too much sun, frigid winds, or chlorine/saltwater? Lip & Face Balm is a deep moisturizing treatment for face - apply on freshly cleansed skin, preferably after a skin steam or a shower. 8. Does showering leave your face dry or tight? Lightly cleanse skin at the skin, then apply a layer of balm to protect against moisture loss while you're in the shower, sauna, steam room, etc.. 9. We spot treat small cuts, bruises, and burns to help speed healing and reduce chance for scarring. 10. Have a cold? Blowing your nose repeatedly can lead to the worst chapped skin. Apply Lip & Face Balm regularly to help repair the red, flaky skin during and post-cold. And some bonus uses from Kahina founder, Katharine L'Heureux: 11. I use it under my eyes to deeply moisturize and add glow 12. Apply over bruising; immortelle can help speed healing 13. Put on a layer all over face and neck before flying -- it helps protect your skin from moisture loss that's inevitable on a plane 14. Whenever I have a headache, I apply Lip & Face Balm on my temples, being sure to also breathe in the scent to help relieve the pain. Immortelle has been shown to aid in headache relief. Shop Kahina Lip & Face Balm.
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