Why we love geranium oil

If you’ve tried our new ESSAOUIRA Body Serum, you’ll notice a bright note of rose geranium on first sniff. Not only is it a favorite scent of ours, rose geranium has wonderful skin [...]

Spotlight on Kahina Serum

If you’ve ordered from us recently, you may have noticed there’s a new sample in town: Kahina Serum. THE RATIONALE Kahina Serum was one of the original four products in the line and [...]

Creams vs. Balms

Green beauty maven Sarita Coren pitted balms vs. creams and asked the experts to weigh in on when to use which and why. Katharine spoke about Kahina Night Cream, FEZ Hand & Body Balm, and [...]

Ingredient Spotlight: Resveratrol

When Katharine set out to create an advanced anti-aging moisturizer, she knew immediately she wanted resveratrol to be a key active. She had witnessed firsthand the hardiness of grape vines, [...]

All About Kahina Serum

This winter has started with a bang – we’re now into our second polar vortex and looking at about a foot of snow in Manhattan today. The heat is cranking inside, and when we do [...]

Our New Body Serum, FEZ inspired

It has been said that the city of Fez is more of a state of mind than a place. Having been there a number of times and anxious to return, I would have to agree. Fez gets under your skin. Founded [...]

Toxic Ingredients to avoid in Skincare

Many of our customers are already dyed-in-the-wool natural skincare users.   Others, are just making the switch.  For those of you in the second category, we at Kahina Giving Beauty know that [...]

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