Transition to Fall Skincare

Happy Fall! Today marks the autumnal equinox and New York is welcoming the new season with lots of sun and brisk temperatures. Here’s how we’re easing into the transition to cooler [...]

Skincare school lesson four: Masks

To recap skincare school thus far, we’ve been over: how to wash your face & different kinds of cleansers how to exfoliate how to choose a facial oil and/or moisturizer how to layer [...]

What to do when green isn’t working

A recent article got us thinking about what happens when your green beauty products don’t seem to be working. You make the transition from dermatologist-recommended medications or from [...]

Why we love geranium oil

If you’ve tried our new ESSAOUIRA Body Serum, you’ll notice a bright note of rose geranium on first sniff. Not only is it a favorite scent of ours, rose geranium has wonderful skin [...]

DIY Luminizer without coconut oil

RMS Living Luminizer is a legend amongst green beauty products… but it also contains coconut oil, which can be problematic for some skin types. Its signature cool pearl tone works for most [...]

Hello Spring!

Slowly but surely, it’s starting to feel more spring-like in New York City. Before you know it, we’ll be donning trench coats in place of parkas (soon! so soon! almost?!) and toting [...]

Kind Eye’s Interview with Katharine

A Kind Brand: Meet Kahina Giving Beauty by Rachel Murray, founder of Kind Eye You hear about finding beneficial ingredients from the rainforest, or the ocean but what about the desert? Kahina [...]

The Power of an Image

In this age of the ever-present selfie, it is hard to imagine a world where many people have never even seen a photograph of themselves. This is often the case in the remote villages of rural [...]