Kahina Sample Pack


This limited edition web-exclusive sample pack includes a selection of Kahina Giving Beauty skincare products sized to last 1-3 uses.

  • Face Cream
  • Facial Cleanser
  • Toning Mist
  • Argan Oil
  • Serum
  • Brightening Serum
  • Facial Lotion
  • Eye Serum
  • Eye Cream
  • Antioxidant Mask

Limit two per customer.

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*Special Terms: Sample pack is not eligible for discount codes or coupons. This product is not covered by our 30-Day Guarantee. Refunds cannot and will not be processed, no exceptions. Samples are not for individual sale. Kahina Giving Beauty is not liable for and will not replace spilled or leaked sample containers. Sample packs are filled upon order only and may be shipped separately from other items in your purchase. Please allow an additional 48 – 72 hours for processing and shipping. We cannot guarantee how many uses you will get from each sample and there may be slight variations in fill size/weights by sample. Unopened samples can be stored up to two weeks. Please use entire sample within one week of opening.

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