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Don’t spoil it with synthetic fragrance!  Our all-natural perfume oils are made with 100% steam distilled essential oils in a jojoba oil base.  Choose between our Essaouira and Fez scents in easy to apply rollerball formats.



The ethereal but lasting fragrance of Kahina FEZ Perfume Oil is an earthy, warm blend to calm the senses and ground the spirit. Tantalizing rose and orange blossoms are layered over the scents of antiquity; patchouli, vetiver and ylang-ylang with lingering hints of cumin and clove from the spice market*. Exotic and sensual, the warm, grounding fragrance evokes the spirit of the ancient Moroccan city.



Light rose and woodsy sandalwood mingle with herbaceous geranium and lavender, accented by a bright note of petitgrain in our 100% steam distilled perfume oil*. Fresh and crisp, this blend of essential oils evokes the blue and whitewashed seaside village of Essaouira (pronounced es-suh-weer-uh), Morocco.

*Find the complete list of ingredients on the product pages