Lift dull winter skin and spirits with the Kahina body ritual

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The holidays are over.  Its cold and dark outside and there are still three more months of winter (in the Northeast at least).  While this can be a challenging time of year for many, myself included, it is also a time to reflect, refocus and regenerate in preparation for Spring, just as plants do when they go dormant over the winter months only to emerge in full vibrancy in April and May.  Here’s our ritual to help you embrace the stillness and get you ready for the brighter months to come.

1. Treat your body care ritual as a meditation.  Clear your mind of whatever is not serving you and set your intention as you prepare to care for your body and nurture your spirit.  An intention might be to be kind to yourself, to focus on what you love about yourself, and not to judge yourself for any perceived flaws.

2.  Light the Ulili for KAHINA™ Candle and set the mood.  The scents of neroli, ylang ylang, cedar and clove provide calm, focus and clarity.

3. If desired, this is a great time to apply a serving of our Antioxidant Mask to face and allow the Rhassoul Clay to detoxify skin while you are in the bath or shower.

3. In a warm bath or shower, purify and soften skin with the KAHINA™ Moroccan Beldi Soap, the traditional cleansing treatment used in the storied “hammams” of Morocco.  Apply a teaspoon to dampened skin or onto a washcloth or Kessa Mitt then apply to limbs in a warm bath and allow the soap to sit on skin for 5 minutes.    Luxuriate in the scent of all-natural Eucalyptus, Neroli or Rose Essential Oils. Then scrub off dead skin using the exfoliating KAHINA™ Kessa Mitt to reveal soft, glowing skin.

4.  Out of the shower or bath, apply KAHINA™ Body Serum to dampened skin.  This nourishing blend of argan, olive, and kalahari watermelon seed oils provides intense moisture and healing to dry skin.  Inhale deeply and let the sensual and slightly spicy scent of KAHINA™s FEZ or the bright and citrusy notes of ESSAOUIRA transport you to Morocco as you visualize blue skies and desert sands.

5.  For the driest patches, including elbows, heels, and on hands massage the FEZ Hand and Body Balm.  Take a moment to massage pressure points on feet and hands.

6. Our ESSAOUIRA and FEZ Perfume Oils are perfect for grounding and increasing focus throughout the day.  With their roller ball applicators they can easily be tossed into your bag and used when you need to be reminded to take a deep breath.

Remember Spring is coming.