Watch our video for a view of our production methods and the impact on the Berber women of the region

Our Values


We source the best ingredients from around the world to create effective formulations


We donate a percentage of our revenue to the Berber women of Morocco and their communities.


We are transparent in our practices


We bring commitment, care and integrity to everything we do


Everything we make is beautiful and meaningful

Protect and Preserve

We are committed to preserving, protecting and enhancing the resources (natural, human and cultural) behind the brand.  And we never, ever test on animals or allow third parties to use animal testing for our products.


“I love the idea of women connecting with women across the world through shared beauty rituals. I strongly believe that by forging genuine connections with people from other cultures through our daily routines we can positively affect the lives of people around the world. Even in something as seemingly inconsequential as our choice of skincare, it’s about a consciousness of the decisions we make everyday.”

– Katharine L’Heureux