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When I started down this road ten years ago, it was truly the Wild Wild West in the “Organics” category of cosmetics. Brands using small amounts of natural and/or organic material in formulations [...]

KAHINA™ turns 10, episode three

With a little help from my friends… One month after my return from touring the argan forests and placing my first order for argan oil, I received a notice from the Post Office that a [...]

KAHINA™ turns 10, episode 2

I am often asked how I went from discovering argan oil on vacation to creating a full-blown brand featuring argan oil as its core ingredient.  I’ll admit it isn’t an obvious leap.  But it didn’t [...]

The Art of Formulating

As a partner in a family vineyard and winemaking business in the Napa Valley, I am intrigued by the similarities between making wine and formulating natural cosmetics. Both pursuits are grounded [...]

Happy Mother’s Day from Kahina

I am feeling doubly blessed this Mother’s Day on my return this week from a trip to Morocco with my daughter Grace.  In celebration of Grace’s graduation from college, we journeyed [...]


In our New Year’s blog post, I share our company mantra, Reveal Beauty, and wanted to take a moment to elaborate on what this phrase means to me. It can be interpreted as a somewhat clichéd [...]


2016 marks the seventh year since Kahina launched, and the ninth year since my first trip to Morocco and I set out on this adventure. The start of the year seems a good time to take stock of the [...]