Happy Spring!

Spring is here at last!  As we eagerly anticipate the ground thawing and crocuses popping up, now is the perfect time to set some intentions for the season of rebirth and fresh starts. Here are [...]

Ask anything!

Ever wonder how to start a beauty business? Have questions about Kahina products or ingredients? Curious about the behind the scenes at Kahina Giving Beauty? Want to know my favorite places to [...]

KAHINA turns 10, episode 4

So, now I had a chemist and argan oil, but still needed a brand identity (having decided against Argan Organics), to develop packaging and identify someone who could manufacture my formulas. An [...]

Proudly certified by Ecocert

When I started down this road ten years ago, it was truly the Wild Wild West in the “Organics” category of cosmetics. Brands using small amounts of natural and/or organic material in formulations [...]

KAHINA™ turns 10, episode three

With a little help from my friends… One month after my return from touring the argan forests and placing my first order for argan oil, I received a notice from the Post Office that a [...]

KAHINA™ turns 10, episode 2

I am often asked how I went from discovering argan oil on vacation to creating a full-blown brand featuring argan oil as its core ingredient.  I’ll admit it isn’t an obvious leap.  But it didn’t [...]