The beauty of sharing secrets

Cal Gerberding, Joshua Tree, California

“Women helping women through shared beauty rituals” means not only bringing beauty traditions from other parts of the world to women in the West, but creating a community of women here who can share beauty advice and tips.I receive numerous emails a day from Kahina customers, many of them just wanting to express their appreciation for the products, and many writing with real skincare concerns that they would like addressed.Either way, I take great pleasure in connecting with these women, especially since our customers are generally like-minded souls – conscious consumers concerned with their health, the environment, and helping others.

Sometimes, these communications can result in new friendships.Recently a customer, a fitness trainer living in the California desert, wrote to me with a concern.After hearing about my broken ankle, she offered to provide me with exercises to do at home while I am on the mend.It is a wonderful time to start a business, with the advent of so many social media tools that help us connect with our customers and foster a community in which we can join together, share advice - and pass on beauty secrets.

I'd love to share photos, stories and health and beauty tips from more of our customers. Please send a photo of yourself and how you use any of our products - or any other beauty tips.

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