The Beauty of Positive Thinking

I heard this story from a Reiki healer today and thought it was powerful.

As we all know, our bodies are composed mostly of water. To demonstrate the effect that positive energy has on water, and therefore on our bodies, a Japanese healer gathered many people around a glass of water. He asked them to hold hands and direct positive thoughts toward this water, which he then took and froze. Upon later examination under a microscope, he found beautiful crystals had formed in the fluid. He performed the same ritual again, except this time he did have the people join hands or concentrate on positive thoughts. When he froze the water, the crystals that resulted were not as intricate or beautiful as the first ones.

The lesson learned here is that we have the power to affect positive change in our bodies through our thoughts. We ought to keep this in mind in our own lives, especially if we or our loved ones are facing stress, obstacles, or health issues.

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