Meet Mairin Cipolla


Many of you have already come to know the fabulous Mairin Cipolla, whether through answering your questions on the phone or email providing Kahina’s famous customer service, or through her Morning Routine Exposed on No More Dirty Looks. Honestly, Kahina couldn't function without her. Beautiful inside and out, I thought it was high time to share a little more of her amazingness with you.


Marketing Manager at Kahina Giving Beauty, with customer service + operations on the side!

Before working at Kahina you...

Studied Spanish & Italian literature.

Playing on your Pandora station:

The Killers, The Naked and Famous, Earth Wind & Fire, Kid Cudi

Last book you read:

Skippy Dies by Paul Murray. It is tremendous. Read it!

Your favorite travel destinations are...

Home, family spots in Maine & Voyageur's National Park, anywhere in Italy

Travel Wish List:

Mexico, Vienna, Bora Bora... not necessarily in that order

If you didn't live in New York, you'd live...

In Rome

When you're not working we can find you...

Cooking! I come from a large family of eaters, cooks & bakers. I rarely follow recipes, so cooking is my way of improvising and practicing creative thought. Seriously. That, and mixing my own nail polish colors.

Best feature:

Physical feature? my big curly hair certainly garners much curiosity and attention. I've met loads of people because of my hair.

Your guilty pleasure:

Peanut butter cupcake from Empire (formerly Lulu's) Bakery

New Years Resolution(s):

Listen to more Bob Dylan and Van Morrison with the bf. At this point, I'm still working on more serious new year's resolutions from like, 5 years ago, so that's the only new one for 2012.

What is in your makeup bag?

Makeup BAGS. Like 5 of them. Must-of-the-moment is Koh Gen Do moisture concealer compact.

Practical beauty tip:

Pick your beauty battles! Enhance what you already like, adjust some of the things you don't, and stop worrying about the rest. Besides money, you waste mental energy fretting over "fixing" yourself.

Internet stuff you read on the regular:

East Side Bride, Textbook by John Jannuzzi, Cat Marnell at

Causes you support:

Human Rights Campaign + Planned Parenthood

What do you like best about working at Kahina Giving Beauty?

Besides my lovely boss (and her fam!), interacting with the Kahina community- so special and rewarding

Awww, thanks : )

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