Makeup Makeover

I am a big proponent of natural and organic cosmetics but I am late to the game on the all-natural cosmetics trend since I've never been a big makeup wearer. I have always felt that there is a secret language around makeup that I don't speak. I usually resort to mascara and lipstick before I leave the house, always wondering if there is more that I could do to make my eyes pop and my cheeks more rosy. Whenever I have tried more, I fear I look like a transvestite or one of those women of a certain age you see occasionally who retain a desire to imitate Greta Garbo and have lost their ability to see in the mirror after applying their lipstick. I admit to a stash of makeup including eyeliners, bronzers, foundations, eyebrow pencils and concealers, tucked away in a bathroom drawer. Each of these purchases have been acts of optimism in defiance of my personal history with makeup based on recommendations by pushy, overly made up women in department store cosmetics aisles who bear no resemblance to me in their personal style philosophy. That is until recently, when I was introduced to organic beauty consultant Jessa Blades who did my makeup for a video shoot I was doing. Jessa Blades is not your typical makeup artist. Her bag is brimming with healthful products in an array of natural shades. Her own look is fresh and glowing. After she performed her magic on me, I looked younger, my eyes popped without looking garish and I had a bronzy glow that didn't look like a mask. She has sent me a face chart with recommended products and I've proceeded to throw everything away in the makeup drawer and start over with her picks of sustainable beauty products. The skin is our largest organ. It is extremely important that the products we put on our faces, especially on our eyes and mouths, are not harmful. If you need help getting started visit or contact

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