Letter from India

Rebecca Kousky, the dedicated and tireless founder of Nest, and our partner in creating the Kahina Giving Beauty gift bag, has recently returned from India where she paid a visit to the women who are sewing and blockprinting the cosmetic bags. The letter from her that follows is a reminder of the important part we can all share in making a difference in these women's lives.


" It was the first time that I had visited the redlight district. We work with two groups of women. One is a group of seamstresses. The second, further buried into the city, is the block printing workshop. That is where the girls who were trafficked from Nepal and Bangladesh go when they are first pulled (during raids) from the brothels. The girls there are at such risk that it is a hidden location. Our photos can’t show the girls faces – they are too terrified.

The seamstresses are actually prostitutes by choice. If you can call it a choice. The poverty was and is so desperate that most of the women openly say that they have to go back to the brothels if they cant get enough orders to sustain a job. Most have kids. Many still live in the red light district. Mix trying to earn income outside prostitution with prostitution (when necessary). Many are raising daughters in that environment. It has become generational now. Prostitute women raise prostitute daughters – doubling the money for their brothel (slave) owners.

But, we are committed to doing our part, in our small way to change that. And, your orders will directly assist us with that.

Very best + thank you for helping these girls.


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