Harnessing the Power of Bollywood

One issue that many good-hearted philanthropists face is breaking through the clutter of competing requests for money and time and making a particular cause felt in a meaningful, relevant way. Breakthrough http://www.breakthrough.tv/ is a brilliant organization that is raising awareness of human rights issues through popular culture -- particularly Bollywood and music video. I went to their event last night and heard incredible readings by inspiring human rights leaders in the arts including Ishmael Beah, boy soldier in the Sierra Leone and author of A Long Way Gone and Suketu Mehta, author of Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found. "By harnessing the power of popular culture, media and community mobilization" Breakthrough is able to make the difficult topics of violence against women, HIV/Aids awareness, and immigrant rights, more meaningful to a broader audience, including youths around the world.

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