Becoming Fearless About Our Looks


I just read the book "On Becoming Fearless," by Arianna Huffington. In her book she discusses the feelings of insecurity shared by so many women about their looks. Echoing my philosophy for Kahina Giving Beauty that we can work to overcome our negative self-images by focusing on those less fortunate than ourselves she writes: "Instead of comparing ourselves to Angelina Jolie, how about comparing ourselves to a victim of Hurricane Katrina, a woman who lost her legs fighting in Iraq, or a woman diagnosed with breast cancer? They're out there, too. When we do this, we are sure to tap into our reserves of empathy and gratitude instead of our endless self-judgements, fears and jealousies." It is my hope that my products will inspire women to think of those less fortunate than themselves, and that this in turn will begin to stop the critical voices that are so self-destructive.

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