Are women less happy?


Two interesting articles appeared in the NYT today discussing women's relative happiness and their search for self-fulfillment. The first is on the cover of the Style section talking about the New Carrie Bradshaw - the young urban woman who used to be found sipping pink cocktails in the Meatpacking District is now searching for new paths to enlightenment, paying upwards of $180 a week to get there via life coaches. Coinciding with this article is an essay written by Maureen Dowd detailing a study that shows that women are less happy than they were 30 years ago, despite increases in economic opportunities, equality, and education. The older women get, the less happy they become, while the opposite holds true for men. What is causing this yearning and dissatisfaction and among women? Dowd speculates that one of the causes for this decline in happiness as women age is the pressure on them to look as if they are in the 20s well into their 60s. Our feelings of self-worth are often linked to how we see ourselves in the mirror. In our youth culture, this can be a difficult situation for older women. But even women in their 20s and 30s as the Style article points out are searching for a deeper meaning in their lives. One guru of the movement tells the women to "take action once a day to do something that ignites your life." At Kahina, we believe that beauty and self-fulfillment are linked. The better you feel, the better you look and vice versa. By providing high quality effective skin care that gives back, we aim to bring meaning to women's beauty rituals by connecting women in the West to illiterate women in Morocco and to inspire women to take action to help women in need around the world. We believe in helping women be their best, inside and out.

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