A Mother's Spirit of Giving

The 25 year old son of the Head at our lower school in New York was killed in Afghanistan in January, 2009. This year, as every other year, the school held its annual winter concert on the last day of the fall term. The children sang beautiful, heartwarming songs ringing in the holidays. Afterwards, the Head stood up and lit candles while talking about what this time of year symbolizes and the real meaning of the holidays. She talked about the rebirth of the solstice, a time of renewal. She, who had made the ultimate sacrifice, talked about giving, of finding the place in our hearts that allows us to be truly generous, and she talked about receiving, of being grateful for what we have and receive. And without wavering, she talked about peace.

This selfless woman embodies the true spirit of giving. I'd love to hear from any of you about others who you know who also embody the true spirit of giving.

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