A Donald Draper-Inspired Kahina Argan Oil Shaving Tip


Did you see the Mad Men season 5 premiere? Don was pretty glowy post-shave.

Fellas, this one's for you (although not exclusively):

1. Apply Kahina Argan Oil to your face on the areas where you'll be shaving. In the industry, this is what's called a "pre-shave oil".

2. Use your favorite shaving cream, or, as one male Kahina user does, Kahina Facial Cleanser & spread it over the oil-slicked areas.

3. Shave- with the grain, tyvm! Rinse.

4. Re-apply Kahina Argan Oil (a double dose does a body good!) as an after-shave soother to avoid irritation and keep skin fresh, not taut.

For those special men who take extra care of their mugs, the ultimate post-shave routine: spritz Kahina Toning Mist first, then Kahina Argan Oil, and finish it all off with Kahina Facial Lotion. Donald Draper approved.

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