[wpspoiler name=”Are Kahina products suitable for pregnant women?” ]You couldn’t find anything more suitable for a pregnant woman. Putting pure organics on your skin and in your body is most important when considering the health of your baby. It is also recommended to use sunscreen on the skin when pregnant, as you are often more photosensitive.[/wpspoiler] [wpspoiler name=”What is the difference between the Kahina serum and Kahina 100% Organic Argan Oil?” ]Kahina Serum is a more complex product specifically formulated to heal and restore skin. Though based on argan oil, it also incorporates additional vitamin and antioxidant rich ingredients such as sea buckthorn and carrot seed oil, which are high in vitamins A and betacarotene, to strengthen the skin and protect against free radicals, slowing the aging process. The chamomile oil and bisabolol (derived from chamomile) are extremely soothing and act as anti-irritants for those with sensitive skin.

Formulated to easily penetrate the skin for the successful delivery of its many ingredients and their benefits, Kahina Serum should be applied first, before a moisturizer, on clean dry skin so it can soak into the deepest layer of the epidermis. While the serum has many benefits for all skin types, it is ideally suited for a normal to dry skin type.

The Kahina Argan Oil is pure, 100% organic argan oil that contains no other ingredients. It can effectively be used by anyone due to its simple ingredient list, as there is little room for sensitivities or reactions when all one is getting is a single pure organic and healing ingredient.

Straightforward in form, Kahina Argan Oil use is not limited to just the face, and it can be used more liberally, especially on the hair or, my favorite, sprinkled in the bath. Don’t get me wrong- if I could afford to bathe in the Kahina Serum I would- but the Kahina Argan Oil is an amazing alternative that best serves more liberal applications without breaking the bank.[/wpspoiler]