Business With Berbers

I have found that most of Moroccan business is done over tea and a handshake at the very least, and more often involves a show of their extreme hospitality.  I was invited to numerous meals in [...]

NEW! Kahina Argan & Aloe Set

We are happy to introduce our new, limited edition Kahina Argan & Aloe Set!  Its contents are inspired by the centuries-old remedies of Moroccan desert inhabitants: restorative argan oil and [...]

Destiny, the beginnings of Kahina

Originally published July 3, 2009 In the Fall of 2007 I had the chance to travel to Morocco for the first time. Moroccans are strong believers in destiny and I have come to believe that it was my [...]

A Look Back

I’ve been rereading some of my early blog posts, back when Kahina was just launching in 2009. The challenges were great in the beginning – creating and designing a brand, identifying trustworthy [...]

A Day In My Moroccan Life

Breakfast of fresh squeezed orange juice, crepes, bread with fresh jam, fresh fruit and mint tea on the terrace of Riad Dar One in Marrakesh.  A moment of peace before heading out.  The day as [...]